Levlen (Ethinyl estradiol/Levonorgestrel)
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Product description: Levlen is Ethinyl estradiol and levonorgestrel combination of female hormones that prevent ovulation.
Active Ingredient: Ethinyl estradiol/Levonorgestrel
Levlen as known as: Novastep, Femseptevo, Anulette, Amestral, Trisiston, Pozato, Leios, Famila, Dexnorgestrelum, Mirena, Microlut, Femseven, Lovette, Nuvelle, Norgeston, Eleonor, Femsevencombi, Ologyn, Monostep, Daily, Lindella, D-sigyent, Microgynon 50, Femity, Cyclo-menorette, Leonore, Norlevo, Triette al, Tridiol, Triregol, Stediril, Neogynona, Quasense, Duramed, Fem7, Levonova, Trinordiol 28, Levonorgestrel, Logynon, Trigoa, Nora, Miranova, Ovulol, Lessina, Femseptcombi, Portia, Ecee2, Cyclo-progynova n, Feminova, Minipil, Neovletta, Tetragynon, Lybrel, Norgestrel max, Levonorgestrelum, Impreviat, Malonetta, Aviane, Illina, Tri-levlen, Unofem, Ovidon, Evanecia, Loette, Femitres, Monofeme, Climara pro, Norveta, Levlite, Minidril, Plan b, Ludea, Loseasonique, Biphasil, Ovranette, Minisiston, Leeloo, Neovlar, Vikela, Madonella, östronara, Nordiol, Segurite, Glanique, Norplant, Microluton, Anteovin, Novogyn, Postinor-uno, Triciclor, Trionetta, Genestron, Egogyn, Jolessa, Triagynon, Emcon, Escapelle, Trifeme, Microlevlen, Postinor, Microginon, Seasonique, Ovoplex, Gynopack-e, Wellnara, Levogynon, Emkit, Neogynon, Min-ovral, Jadelle, Sronyx, Triminetta, Levora, Preven, Tace, Microfemin, Adepal, Amarance, Lafrancol, Libian, Xyliette, Ange, Microval, Trigynon, Femigoa, Emergyn, Lowette, Levonelle, Triquilar ed, Gravistat, Rigevidon, Klimonorm, Tri-regol, Medonor, Evital, Pacilia, Postday, Rigesoft, Post-day

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