Sumycin (Tetracycline)
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Product description: Sumycin is prescribed for treatment of different infections.
Active Ingredient: Tetracycline
Sumycin as known as: Monatrex, Tetranase, Oricyclin, Servitet, Ambramicina, Teracilin, Multigram, Amracin, Balkacycline, Ikacycline, Quimocyclar, Jmycin, Cycline, Resteclin, Subamycin, Robitet, Recycline, Tetramin, Polfamycin, Tetradar, Conmycin, Tetralan, Tx oint, Copharlan, Ambotetra, Hostacycline, Medocycline, Tetrarco, Tetrasina, Tetrin, Beatacycline, Acromicina, Tetrecu, Dumocycline, Tetralisal, Tetrex, Imex, Bristacycline, Tetracyclinum, Biotine, Tetraciclina, Metacycline, Teracin, Tetragen, Ambramycin, Licoklin, Achromycin, Hostacyclin, Tetrax, Tetramax, Ciclobiotico, Tevacycline, Tetrabiotico, Nu-tetra, Erifor, Unicycline, Tetra, Apo-tetra, Taracycline, Ttmycin, Decacycline, Optycin, Tetrafen, Tetracin, Tetralet, Ciclotetryl, Ledar, Latycin, Novo-tetra, Masacline, Lupitetra, Tera-cap, Tefilin, Bactocyline, Tetraicin, Orencyclin, Opticyclin, Tetracyclin, Corsatet, Amphocycline, Indocycline, Muvito, Sanlin, Alfaciclina, Mediacycline, Flumeciclina, Tetramycin

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