Ceftin (Cefuroxime)
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Product description: Ceftin is used to treat various infections, such as strep throat, ear infections, urinary tract infections, and sinus infections.
Active Ingredient: Cefuroxime
Ceftin as known as: Anbacim, Biofuroksym, Cetoxil, Cefaxetil, Interbion, Tvindal, Ziftum, Zitum, Cetil, Xorufec, Cefur, Cefuroxima, Ketocef, Froxime, Nivador, Cefovex, Cefurox, Unoximed, Alurix, Cefatin, Shincef, Mosalan, Doroxim, Zinox, Xorim, Zencef, Kefurim, Cefuron, Bifuroxim, Zinoximor, Zinmax, Quincef, Cefudura, Benoxtil, Elobact, Kefstar, Magnaspor, Ceftume, Mextil, Furoxinol, Cefurin, Galemin, Xitil, Maxalac, Zilisten, Efox, Curoxim, Zinat, Soxime, Infrid, Furacam, Cépazine, Zetagal, Amphacef, Cefurobac, Antibioxime, Cefuracet, Furocef, Cefuroksim, Lafurex, Fornax, Cefuroximum, Sefuroks, Cethixim, Keunzef, Daroxime, Zenon, Itorex, Curoxime, Enfexia, Cefaks, Famicef, Axetine, Vekfazolin, Cefotil, Aksef, Staxim, Yokel, Novador, Zinocep, Cerofene, Bioracef, Plixym, Zegen, Cefu, Sefurox, Ceftal, Multisef, Cerox-a, Nilacef, Normafenac, Furex, Supacef, Cefogram, Cefuroprol, Foucacillin, Medoxem, Cervin, Cextil, Zinoxime, Panaxim, Axim, Feacef, Mevecan, Zipos, Tilexim, Furoxim, Biociclin, Anaptivan, Supero, Cemurox, Cefabiot, Selan, Bifuroksym, Bearcef, Zamur, Cethixim caplet, Cefutil, Zoref, Fucef, Sharox, Oraxim, Cepravin, Axycef, Sefaktil, Lyprovir, Cefagen, Tarsime, Nipogalin, Curoxima, Cefoprim, Doccefuro, Zinnat, Zefroxe, Cefuretil, Vinecef, Fredyr, Xorimax, Haginat, Yaxing, Axet, Cefuroxim, Axetil, Altacef, Furobioxin, Kalcef, Oxtercid, Novocef, Curocef, Gonif, Cefuhexal, Sedopan, Actixim, Furoxime, Spectrazol, Celocid, Zinacef, Kefox, Nelabocin, Zinadol, Infekor, Betaroxime, Zinoxx, Ximetil, Furaxil, Ceruxim, Cefuzime, Oraceftin, Supracef, Ceroxim, Receant, Axcef, Novuroxim, Cupax, Cefasyn, Sefur, Cefurim, Cefuro-puren, Kilbac, Kefurox, Menat

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