Tricor (Fenobibrate)
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Product description: Tricor is used to treat high cholesterol and high triglyceride levels by increasing enzyme that breaks down fats in the blood.
Active Ingredient: Fenobibrate
Tricor as known as: Katalip, Trolip, Xafenor, Elipsia, Lexemin, Liperial, Fenobrate, Trigent, Fenolip, Fegenor, Fenofibratum, Fenohexal, Hyperchol, Phenofibrate, Lofat, Secalip, Evothyl, Hafenthyl, Fenofibrato, Nofiate, Supralip, Fenogal, Suprelip, Fenox, Controlip, Craveril, Fenobeta, Lipofib, Triglide, Lipirex, Lifen, Lipofen, Stanlip, Lifibrat, Procetoken, Nolipax, Apteor, Einecs, Fenofix, Lipofene, Docfenofi, Fenolid, Durafenat, Trilipix, Tilene, Zumafib, Lipicard, Lipcor, Fenobrat, Yosenob, Fulcro, Minuslip, Proctofene, Lipantil, Fenocap, Liparison, Fibrafen, Lipivim, Febira, Lipolin, Lipohexal, Fenoglide, Lipanthyl, Naftilan, Normolip, Lipidil, Fibral, Felosma, Catalip, Nuozhituo, Lipidcare, Lipidof, Lowlip, Lipsin, Grofibrat, Lofibra, Antilip, Procetofen, Fénofibrate, Fenoratio, Antara, Nubrex, Lipired, Fenofib, Fenofibrat, Fenosup, Lipirate, Lipilfen, Versamid, Normalip

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